There has been plenty of talk about Urban Meyer and the vacant coaching positions in the NFL.

A coach of Meyer’s caliber is certainly going to come at a premium cost, and sources have told ProFootballTalk that Meyer is looking for a salary in the $12 million per year range.

The number, while high for a college coach, isn’t beyond what the market for NFL head coaches are pulling down. Matt Rhule received nearly $9 million per year from the Carolina Panthers when he made the move from Baylor to Carolina, and there are numerous NFL coaches getting paid in the eight-figure range.

Meyer won national titles while at Ohio State and Florida, and had other head coaching stints at Utah and Bowling Green. He has been mentioned as a possible candidate for a number of NFL teams other than Jacksonville, including the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets.

If Meyer can have his success at Ohio State transfer over to Jacksonville remains to be seen, but as of now it appears that if the Jaguars are willing to pay his price, Meyer is willing to try.