Urban Meyer has already tested positive for — and defeated — COVID-19.

The former Ohio State head coach is already back and working, this following a diagnosis of the coronavirus last week. Meyer said that COVID-19 “is the real deal” and that his daughter also “dealt with it.”

“I did deal with it, I just recently got over it,” Meyer said in an interview with 10TV’s Dom Tiberi.

“I was relatively symptom free. I was tested positive and that’s why we didn’t do the Big Noon Kickoff last week.”

The Big Noon Kickoff was cancelled last week in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. The show is the ramp up for Fox’s airing of Big Ten and Big XII games as well as general coverage of college football.

In addition to Meyer, the Kickoff program features Rob Stone, former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback Brady Quinn, former USC and NFL running back Reggie Bush as well as former USC and NFL quarterback Matt Leinart. A stand-in crew featuring Charissa Thompson and FOX’s NFL talent stood-in for the show last Saturday.

Meyer said that things are going well with the rest of the crew and that he plans to get back to work on the show this weekend.

“The good thing is that none of my partners teammates had it and we’re going to be back at it this weekend,” Meyer said.