Now that Urban Meyer won’t be on the sidelines any longer, he’s going to have a little more time to start answering fan mail. Just a few days after the Rose Bowl, he’s already issued his first response.

A young Ohio State fan named Hannah had an important question for the former Buckeyes head coach. She wanted to know whether the “circles” on the OSU helmets were stickers and what they meant.

With the Buckeye leaf sticker being one of the most recognizable aspects of Ohio State football, Meyer took time out of his day to respond to the question. He wanted to make sure Hannah understood the significance of those stickers.

Below is the letter from Hannah, along with Meyer’s response.

We’re not sure which is better, Hannah’s question or congratulating Meyer for his team’s Rose Bowl victory over Washington.

Now Hannah knows the significance of the helmet stickers, an important Buckeye tradition. And she got to have a pretty cool interaction with one of the greatest coaches in college football history.

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