Urban Meyer just recorded another win over Michigan.

On Wednesday afternoon, the former Ohio State head coach announced the reopening of Urban Meyer’s Pint House, a restaurant that launched in fall 2019. After closing down due to public health concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the establishment is opening its doors again.

Meyer shared a few messages while announcing the reopening. In the process, he took a shot at Michigan, particularly when talking about sanitation being the main priority for the restaurant. He shared this image in a tweet:

Not a bad way to get your message across to Buckeye fans who will be patrons of the establishment soon.

Meyer was 7-0 against Michigan during his time at Ohio State. To honor his perfect record against the Wolverines, the pint house has a “7-0 Room” to host private events.

Of all the accomplishments Meyer has attained during his coaching career, maintaining a perfect record against UM is the one he constantly publicizes. The folks in Columbus will never get tired of it, either.