Nothing about this week is normal for Urban Meyer.

Despite his legendary status, Meyer has never coached in the Rose Bowl. That, alone, is enough to throw any head coach for a loop. Add the fact that this will be Meyer’s final game as the head coach at Ohio State and it makes the trip to Pasadena a one-of-a-kind experience.

Still, Meyer is trying to keep his routine “as normal as possible.” The Ohio State head coach still isn’t reflecting on his career though he’s approaching the end. He told Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors that “there will be time for that.”

Meyer has had an incredible run in Columbus, leading the Buckeyes to a national title and three B1G championships in seven seasons. He was also 7-0 against Michigan, a significant accomplishment in Ohio.

Now, after all the success, Meyer has just one more game on the Ohio State sideline, and it comes in a stadium he’s never stepped foot in.

Meyer has been, and will continue to be, the primary focus of the media over the last month. But his focus has remained the same and he’s trying to make the trip to Pasadena as normal as possible.