Not many positives came out of Saturday night’s loss to Purdue for Urban Meyer and Ohio State. But if there was anything the Buckeyes learned from the 49-20 defeat, it’s that they know what they must fix in order to claim another B1G title.

Ohio State’s rushing attack was non-existent against the Boilermakers on Saturday night, rushing for just 76 yards on 25 carries. Before the final possession, the Buckeyes had just 53 total yards on the ground.

Though Dwayne Haskins still threw for over 400 yards, the offense was ineffective without some sort of threat on the ground. Meyer knows that has to change, and quickly.

“We have good players, good coaches. we’re gonna get back to work,” Meyer said after the game. “We lost a game last year and came right back. We have good guys and we’re going to work our you-know-whats off and get this thing right.”

The yards per carry average has steadily declined each week for the Buckeyes, which has been a huge reason why they’ve struggled against teams like Indiana, Minnesota and now Purdue. And with Michigan State and Michigan still left on the schedule, it’s something that needs to be figured out quickly.

“When I look up at the board, I see the rushing yardage again,” Meyer said. “We gotta just get something going. We can’t just throw for 400 yards. That’s worked a few times. Down the stretch here we’ve got to get some run game.”

Ohio State enters a bye week before hosting Nebraska.

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