You knew that watching Alabama play in the College Football Playoff National Championship was going to be tough for Ohio State players.

After all, they were the one-loss team that was the unanimous preseason No. 1 that suffered one loss and they didn’t even get a College Football Playoff bid.¬†OSU linebacker Darron Lee already threw shade at Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook for getting shut out against Alabama.

Well, after Alabama held off Clemson for the national title on Monday night, there was still a little bitterness.

Ohio State tight end Nick Vannett tweeted that he still didn’t think Alabama was the best team in the country.

You would hardly call that trash talk. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly came out and said the same thing before the Fiesta Bowl.

OSU receiver Mike Thomas, who came out a month ago and pleaded his case for why Ohio State deserved a CFP bid over Alabama, had a little postgame saltiness, too.

Vannett and Thomas might’ve shared the opinions of Buckeye fans that felt OSU was the nation’s best team, it just didn’t play like it until the final two games of the season.

The season is over, but members from the 2015 squad might always wonder what could’ve been.