Now that Urban Meyer doesn’t have to finalize recruiting classes or be out on the road, trying to entice potential prospects to come to Ohio State, he has some time for his personal leisure. Apparently, that includes attending a Super Bowl party and hanging out with Snoop Dogg.

Meyer attended Sports Illustrated’s Saturday Night Lights Super Bowl party in Atlanta on Saturday night, spending plenty of quality time with hip-hop and rap star Snoop Dogg. A few different videos were captured of the two taking in the event.

Of course, with Snoop Dogg being a die-hard USC fan, the videos couldn’t be viewed without at least a little speculation. There were plenty of people responding to the videos with the “Meyer to USC” message, since the head coach retired from Ohio State after the Rose Bowl.

Maybe Meyer just wanted to hone his DJ skills on Saturday night. Or maybe he was just enjoying the fact that he didn’t have any recruiting duties or head coaching responsibilities on Super Bowl weekend.

Regardless, Meyer seemed to be enjoying himself on Saturday night.

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