Ohio State fans have been on the edge of their seat ever since the Rose Bowl Game ended on New Year’s Day. Regardless of what the choice, everyone is waiting to hear what Dwayne Haskins decides about his future.

Haskins didn’t make life any easier for those antsy Buckeye fans on Sunday night. But he did drop a pretty insane highlight reel.

The Ohio State quarterback appeared to be making his announcement with the release of the video on Twitter. Considering the wording he used in the tweet, a lot of fans probably got their hopes up.

There’s still no answer, though. Haskins is taking his time with the decision and ensuring he’s weighing all the options and making the choice that best suits him.

While this video doesn’t have an answer, it’s still a really awesome highlight reel worth checking out. Below is the highlight tape and tweet Haskins sent out Sunday evening.