What do you make of Ohio State DE Nick Bosa’s decision?

He’s holding out on the Buckeyes to prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft. Is that cool, or not?

Well, how about $30 million over 4 years? Is that cool? It’s that type of deal that Nick Bosa has in front of him in just a few months. So, if Bosa’s not at 100 percent physically, why risk an injury?

That’s the real scenario being played in Bosa’s head. Do I risk generational wealth for a few months of playing with the Buckeyes? Even as a Buckeyes fan, you’d have to think twice about it.

FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt reacted to Bosa’s decision with a hypothetical involving a historic car. It seems odd, but it’s pretty on point:

Again, do you risk millions or do you preserve yourself and take what’s guaranteed in front of you? And, what is there to gain?

Money? No. The ability to win a few extra college football games? Sure. But is it worth it?

Bosa has decided that it isn’t.

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