Getting this combination rolling could prove lethal for Ohio State’s offense.

The Buckeyes are gearing up for their first season under new head coach Ryan Day and will debut a new starting quarterback as well. All signs point to newcomer Justin Fields winning that spot, and he is looking strong so far.

One weapon that Fields will look to maximize this season is tight end Rashod Berry. Berry, who arrived in Columbus as a defensive lineman, can pose a matchup problem for defenders at 6-foot-4. He has impressive size and athleticism, which he displayed on this play.

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Fields put up what appeared to be a dangerous pass into double coverage around Berry. Fortunately, the pass was placed well enough between the defenders, and Berry took care of the rest.

He elevated between the defenders and plucked the ball out of the air, hanging on despite contact from behind:

Berry has 15 catches in his career with four of them going for touchdowns. If he keeps making plays like these, Fields may have a new favorite target for when the Buckeyes get down in the red zone.