Ohio State DT Robert “BB” Landers almost got to live “every fat boy’s dream” in Week 1 of the 2017 season.

Against Indiana, Landers scooped up what appeared to be a fumble and rumbled 35 yards into the end zone. It was, unfortunately, ruled an incomplete pass and the touchdown was taken away.

To help put a smile on OSU fans’ faces at a trying time, Landers recently shared a mock trailer on what it would be like if ESPN gave his almost Fat Guy Touchdown the “30 for 30” documentary treatment. The “Run BB Run” trailer includes a famous clip of Landers explaining to media members he’s not fat, but “just a little thick around the edges.”

Unfortunately for Landers, “A Little Thick Around the Edges Touchdown” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. It’s still an awesome (almost) Fat Guy Touchdown.