George Whitfield has trained his fair share of signal-callers. Known as “The Quarterback Guru,” Whitfield has worked with the likes of Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger and more, all in an effort to prepare them for the NFL.

So when Whitfield talks, people listen.

That’s why when Whitfield said on Thursday that his latest client, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, had something he’d never seen before, it turned some heads.

There have been numerous stories told about Jones’ mega-arm. Teammates said they’ve seen him throw 65 yards from a knee. Jones himself said that he can throw the ball ’80-85′ yards.

But Jones struggled to throw the deep ball consistently in 2015, which was one of the main reasons he lost the starting job to J.T. Barrett.

Urban Meyer talked mid-season about why Jones wasn’t having success with the deep ball, which didn’t question his arm strength. Whitfield asked Jones to identify his three areas of weakness, to which he said under-center mechanics, drop-backs and touch.

Scouts will get a chance to see if Jones has made the necessary improvements in those areas when he throws in Indianapolis this week.

One area Jones already showed his improvement in was speaking to the media. He was asked questions about his controversial Twitter behavior and about why he didn’t show frustration after he was benched.

But according to Whitfield, he passed that test with flying colors:

If Jones can show similar strides on the field in Indianapolis, he could certainly be back on the rise on draft boards.