Ohio State wasn’t about to let Oklahoma forget what it said about its defense last week.

After sending a message on the field in a 45-24 drubbing of Oklahoma on Saturday night, Raekwon McMillan and the Ohio State defense had another message for the Sooners, posing next to a sign that reads, “basic” defense.

The sign is in response to Oklahoma backup quarterback Austin Kendall, who said earlier last week that the Buckeyes had a “basic defense,” and the Baker Mayfield would “light them up.”

Kendall and the rest of the Sooners found out that Ohio State’s defense is anything but basic. The Buckeyes intercepted two of Mayfield’s passes and helped propel the team to an early 28-10 lead in the first half.

Just a word of advice to future Ohio state opponents: don’t give the Buckeyes any additional incentives.