The reputation of Urban Meyer has come under scrutiny since last summer. After the news of Zach Smith’s alleged history of domestic violence broke, the three-time national championship coach’s whole career was under the microscope.

One of Meyer’s harshest critics has been SEC Network radio host Paul Finebaum.

During a Monday appearance on WJOX’s RoundTable, Finebaum was asked about Meyer and whether he believes the former Florida and Ohio State head coach would return to the SEC. Finebaum argued against that assumption, but brought up an interesting point as to why Meyer wouldn’t return to the South.

“I can’t see Urban Meyer anywhere in the SEC,” Finebaum said. “I just think he’s too well known. And what we talk about on the air is often tame compared to what coaches talk about Urban Meyer behind his back and when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“During that [Zach Smith] episode last year, I had a number of ex-coaches, one or two current coaches, tell me ‘You have no idea about this guy’s reputation.’ So, if we’re saying that, and I’m hearing that, certainly the athletic directors are hearing that.

Meyer has faced plenty of adversity throughout his career. He’s primarily held responsible for the ridiculous number of arrests that occurred during his time as the head coach at Florida.

Finebaum says, though, it’s the situation involving Smith that has hurt Meyer the most.

“He has been weakened and damaged by the Zach Smith situation,” Finebaum said.

Meyer retired from Ohio State following the Buckeyes’ B1G title win in early December last year. His name has been tied to a potential opening at USC, but he says he “believes he is done coaching.”