Well apparently there was no animosity from Landon Young after all.

The Kentucky signee who said that Urban Meyer “treated him like crap” made headlines for his comments last week. They drew enough attention to where Meyer actually addressed them during a spring practice press conference on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Young cleared the air about the initial comments that started the back-and-forth:

Young saying that Meyer treated him with a great amount of respect will silence some of those who were critical of the Buckeye coach in recent days. Young basically said that the SEC Country reporter misinterpreted his comments, and that it wasn’t meant to be a jab at Meyer.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t prompted by Meyer saying Young was wrong to say what he said. In fact, Meyer actually blamed his staff for his overlooking of Young.

But in the end, it appears, it was a quote that was taken out of context. Now everybody can move on.