It wasn’t a matter of “if,” just a matter of “when.”

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are already marketing Ezekiel Elliott’s famous crop-top style. The team’s pro shop announced on Tuesday that they’ll be selling crop-top shirts with Elliott’s name and number.

Here’s what they look like:

So maybe they aren’t half shirts like Elliott made famous at Ohio State. But the first-round pick can finally start making some money off his signature style.

The shirts, which range from extra small all the way up to double XL, can be purchased on the Dallas Cowboys website for $27.99. That’s a bit cheaper than the $99.99 one would have to spend to get an Elliott replica jersey.

Speaking of money, Elliott still owns the largest contract signed by a B1G rookie since the wage scale was introduced for first-year players in 2011.

Elliott already bought his family a house. Maybe some crop tops are next.