With his domestic violence accusations behind him, Ezekiel Elliott can get back to football.

With that, he can get back to those massive expectations for his rookie year.

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg predicted that Elliott would finish as the league leader in yards from scrimmage. Emmitt Smith said that he thought Elliott was better than him already.

So Elliott offered up some major aspirations of his own.

The former Buckeye said that he has his sights set on Erick Dickerson’s rookie rushing record of 1,808 yards.

“Eighteen hundred yards. We joke about it all the time. I told him I’m going to get it,” Elliott said, via ESPN.

Elliott is entering one of the more ideal situations for a rookie running back. He’s playing behind arguably the best offensive line in the NFL, which has paved the way for top-five rushers in back-to-back seasons. Elliott even said that he has “one of the easiest jobs in America.”

Dickerson actually said that he could run for 2,600 playing behind that line. But he wasn’t willing to agree Elliott will break his 33-year-old record.

“I just laughed and said, ‘Good luck,’” Dickerson said when he heard Elliott’s prediction. “Many have said that; all have failed. I like the record because you get one shot at it and that’s it, because you’re a rookie one time. You don’t get three or four shots at that record. ‘Oh, let me do it again.’ Nah.”