At 0-5, Penn State doesn’t have a lot of hope for the rest of this season. There are only three games left and the best record they’d be able to finish with is 3-5 heading into the crossover game. If that were to happen, it would be their first losing season since 2004 when they went 4-7.

ESPN’s FPI has their predictions in for the remaining three games and according to the FPI, they have over a 50 percent chance to win all three games:

  • at Michigan – 53.2%
  • at Rutgers – 69.9%
  • vs Michigan State – 84.9%

For the game against Michigan, Penn State has a 53.2 percent chance to win. With the two teams combined record of 2-8, it makes sense that this is close to a coin flip.

After that, the Nittany Lions play Rutgers and the FPI gives them a 69.9 percent chance to win that game. That one is pretty odd considering that they may not be able to match Rutgers’ intensity.

Lastly, the FPI gives Penn State an 84.9 percent chance to beat Michigan State on Dec. 12 (their last game of the season). That should be the best and easiest shot at a win the rest of the way considering how Michigan State has looked this season.

We’ll have to see if the FPI is right in these predictions when the games are actually played on the field.