Things have finally come full circle for Penn State following the infamous blocked-kick win against Ohio State in 2016.

Following that win, the Nittany Lions entered the AP Poll. Since then, Penn State has found a home in the Top 25 until Sunday when the streak finally came to an end.

This has to be one of the most sneaky long and impressive AP streaks. It seems like you hear a lot about the Alabamas, the Ohio States, and the Michigans on how long they’ve been in the poll. But the Nittany Lions had just quietly sat in the Top 25 going on four years.

Those four years have been impressive for Penn State. This season hasn’t had quite the joy of those in the past. It started with a heartbreaking and controversial loss to Indiana in Week 1. Then, the Nittany Lions had the unenviable task of playing Ohio State in Week 2 and could not pull off the upset at home.

If Penn State is going to make its way back into the AP Poll, it’ll have to start this week as the Nittany Lions have a very winnable game against Maryland on Saturday.