Penn State’s men’s basketball team is gearing up for its 2022-23 season. But first, it enlisted the help of coach Micah Shrewsberry’s youngest child Grace.  She definitely provided the laughs and helped ease the nerves with fun-filled questions in a video posted to the basketball team’s social accounts on Tuesday.

The video starts out with Grace speaking into the microphone and well, having some fun with the guys on her dad’s squad. She asks first “who do you think coach Shrewsberry’s favorite kid is?” and of course, Demetrius Lilley, Jalen Pickett and Dan Conlan all said Grace.

Then Shrewsberry asked what all the players’ impression of her dad was and that warranted more laughter all around. The video ends with Grace going up to her dad and showing her impression of him.

The laughs are contagious throughout the video and especially at the end when coach Shrewsberry and his daughter are sharing a wholesome moment on typical things he says.

There is no denying this is an entertaining video. Not to mention, you also get to see another side of the Nittany Lions basketball team, which in itself is a plus.