Penn State’s already-depleted group of linebackers took another unlucky hit on Saturday when Brandon Smith was ejected in the first half for targeting.

Not only was Smith tossed from the game for the questionable call, but by rule, he was suspended for the first half of Saturday’s game against Minnesota.

Here was the hit:

Now, the B1G is admitting fault.

The conference sent out a release on Wednesday that stated that the proper call on the field was made, but that it should’ve been overturned upon further review.

During Saturday’s Penn State at Michigan football game, a Penn State defensive player was ejected for targeting with 14:55 remaining in the 2nd quarter. We do not find fault with the flag that was thrown by the on-field officials as they are instructed to prioritize player safety when making calls.

That means that Smith won’t be suspended for the first half against Minnesota. Given the injuries to all three PSU starting linebackers, Smith figures to get the start.

PSU obviously can’t go back and play the rest of Saturday’s game with Smith. But at the very least, the waived suspension is some rare positive news for a defense that hasn’t had much of it this season.