Sure, it’s only July. But Saquon Barkley’s feats of strength are reaching even more impressive levels.

His latest display of his freakish abilities came during Penn State’s annual Lift for Life event.¬†To the surprise of no one, Barkley stole the show.

The Penn State tailback benched 225 pounds a whopping 30 times (via

OK, so a couple things about that. Barkley didn’t even look like he was going full throttle for most of that. As in, that didn’t look like what he’d probably attempt at the combine.

But if he simply repeated that performance in Indianapolis, it would be historic.

A few months ago, former Oklahoma tailback Samaje Perine also benched 30 reps at the combine. The next closest tailback benched 24 reps. Perine’s total was better than all but four offensive linemen.

And Perine ran a 4.65 40-yard dash. Barkley, on the other hand, already ran a 4.33 earlier this offseason.

Knile Davis, Shane Vareen and Jerick McKinnon were the only other true running backs this century that reached 30 bench press reps. McKinnon’s 32 bench press reps are still the combine mark for running backs.

Davis, however, was the only tailback of that group that ran a 40-yard dash sub-4.4 seconds.

In other words, Barkley is set up to steal the show in Indianapolis, too. But you knew that.