As Tom Brady embarks on a new endeavor in Tampa Bay, his possible targets who played in the Big Ten increased.

This season, the former Michigan quarterback has a chance to throw to fellow Big Ten alum, Chris Godwin. In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Buccaneers-Raiders game, Brady found the former Penn State Nittany Lion in the back corner of the end zone to expand Tampa Bay’s lead in Las Vegas.

The throw by Brady was on target and gave only Godwin the chance to catch the ball. But the Buccaneer quarterback’s throw is overshadowed in a big way by the footwork of Godwin. Trying to get both feet in before going out of bounds, Godwin displays some footwork that’s beyond magical.

Besides the highlight-reel toe drag by Godwin, he did a great job of being a decoy of sorts. As the replay shows in the video, Godwin sort of appears to be blocking and not really a threat to catch the ball. Then, he leaks out of the scrum and finds some open space in the end zone.

This was the first touchdown of the season for Godwin, who has struggled with injuries. If he can stay healthy and continue to make catches like that, he will likely become a favorite target of Brady.