Penn State’s social media department has managed to turn an impressive accomplishment into one of the biggest jokes of the week.

On Thursday night, the Nittany Lions tweeted out a highly misleading graphic about the number of Super Bowls a Penn State player has appeared in. Note the fine print:

So of course, folks on Twitter have been mocking this claim since it was posted. The ironic thing is, this is actually an impressive feat — having an alum appear in 49 of 54 total Super Bowls is a remarkable accomplishment.

But the claim’s fine print makes it so preposterous that fans haven’t been able to resist making fun of it.

By Friday morning, a few other college programs had mocked up their own graphics that poked fun at the Nittany Lions. Here’s one from Ole Miss:

And this is equally great work from UMBC:

Here’s a few more jokes at Penn State’s expense from around the internet:

Better luck next time, Penn State.