Saquon Barkley appears like a lock to be a top-5 pick in the NFL draft.

There’s still a chance that the former Penn State star, who is believed to be one the best running back prospects of the last decade, goes No. 1 overall.

So naturally, Colin Cowherd had to play contrarian and offer up why Barkley isn’t worth his high draft value (even though he has him at No. 4 in his mock draft):

Cowherd’s reasons were:

  1. Barkley averaged under 3 yards per game (per carry) in 3 games
  2. Only had 5 games over 100 yards
  3. Most yards lost by a running back last season
  4. Penn State was 58th in rushing
  5. Best 3 games came after a bye or a cupcake

Obviously Cowherd is just trying to play up the nit-picky nature of the NFL draft, but this is a bit much even for him. Calling Barkley “the golden child” suggests that nobody can criticize Barkley, which isn’t true.

Cowherd also failed to mention that Barkley played with sub-par offensive line play at Penn State, and he failed to mention anything about his work in the passing game or about his total yards from scrimmage.

But hey, the pre-draft process is long. Of course Cowherd was going to take aim at Barkley.