From 2016-17, Joe Moorhead was the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Penn State. He had success rather quickly, and moved on to take the head coaching gig at Mississippi State.

He has since been the head coach of the Bulldogs. He has been a hot commodity in the past, and it seems like, that hasn’t changed.

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In the Big Ten, Rutgers has had a head coaching vacancy for quite some time now. Moorhead’s name has been linked to Rutgers.

Here’s Moorhead on Thursday, talking about where he stands:

It sounds as though Moorhead wants to stay where he’s at. Whether it be Rutgers or whatever other school that is connecting headlines with his name, Moorhead wants none of it.

You can’t blame him. But, at the same time, this is the nature of the business.

If he actually wanted to be a head coach in the Big Ten, it seems as though the opportunity is there.