Dani Dennis-Sutton had some shade to throw at Michigan during Saturday’s big-time game. Penn State trails the Wolverines 17-9 heading into the fourth quarter, but Dennis-Sutton and the defense have been strong throughout.

After one particularly key play, Dennis-Sutton threw up a celebration with his hands forming binoculars around his eyes. He followed that up by scribbling in an imaginary notebook, clearly a troll of Jim Harbaugh’s program and analyst Connor Stalions.

Check it out:

Penn State will need to pull off a massive fourth quarter to get the winner, but Dennis-Sutton has been strong in this one. He’s delivered 3 tackles, a sack and 2 TFL as we begin the final quarter.

On Friday, Harbaugh was officially suspended by B1G commissioner Tony Petitti for the remainder of the regular season. Michigan sought a temporary restraining order to allow Harbaugh on the sidelines, but the Wolverines did not receive a ruling before kickoff.

Now, Michigan is trying to pull off another major road win before preparing for a legal battle to try and get its head coach back on game days. The fourth quarter of the B1G East battle can be seen on FOX.