Penn State’s first half vs. Indiana ended with a thud — and a remarkably loud doink off the upright.

After a nightmare first half, the Nittany Lions got the ball back with two seconds left in the half on the 8-yard line with a chance to narrow the deficit before the break.

Instead, Penn State kicker Jake Pinegar did this:

That’s a 25-yard field goal that doinked off the left upright so hard that the noise momentarily disrupted the broadcast.

The reaction from Pinegar and his holder is just as comical. It’s not quite clear if they were hoping to will the kick inside the  upright or if they were shielding themselves from a potential ricochet:

With Penn State unable to take advantage of a free three points, the Hoosiers took a 17-7 lead into halftime.

Indiana hasn’t won a game in this series since 2013. Penn State holds a 22-1 all-time lead over Indiana.