Drew Allar’s starting debut for Penn State is looking better and better for the Nittany Lions, and the quarterback is finding a go-to weapon in KeAndre Lambert-Smith.

Allar’s first touchdown of the season came via an explosive score to Lambert-Smith. Now, the duo has combined for another score against West Virginia.

Facing a 1st-and-10 inside the red zone, Allar dropped back with the offensive line giving the play time to develop. Allar did not even need to step up in the pocket on the play with Lambert-Smith running free in the back of the end zone.

The throw was pinpoint, leading Lambert-Smith perfectly to the back corner of the end zone. A brief toe-tap and clean catch gave Penn State the score and a 21-7 lead:

With the fourth quarter about to start, Allar has reached 300 yards passing in the game. We’ll see how high he can push that, but the Nittany Lions might opt for more of the run game to put things away.