Drew Allar had to fight through tears to answer a reporter questioning how he would assess his play in Penn State’s 20-12 loss to Ohio State Saturday.

“I sucked,” Allar said bluntly.

When asked why he thought that way, Allar simply replied, “Because I did.”

Allar, a sophomore QB for the Nittany Lions, certainly did not have his best game at Penn State Saturday afternoon. He finished 18-42 for 191 yards and 1 touchdown.

The Nittany Lions felt one-dimensional and it’s obvious that Allar was far from comfortable with 100,000+ Ohio State fans screaming in his eardrums.

It was by far Allar’s weakest performance of the season, but it’s also the toughest team the Nittany Lions have faced yet. You can choose to read that as a positive or a negative for the former 5-star.

The Nittany Lions are now 6-1 on the season and 3-1 in B1G play. They’ll need a lot of help to win the B1G East now, with Michigan still as strong as ever and Ohio State owning the tiebreaker after an imperfect yet affirming win over No. 7 Saturday afternoon.

Penn State travels back to Happy Valley for a matchup against Indiana next week. Their next 2 games are at Maryland in College Park and vs. Michigan at Beaver Stadium on November 11.