Chad Powers has made a return.

Powers, Eli Manning’s college walk-on persona, recently had a facetime call with Peyton Manning. Powers was seeking advice from the elder Manning on how to impress the Penn State coaching staff.

“If you do as well as that mustache looks, then I think you’re gonna make the team,” said Peyton.

“I got a hose, I got a hose. Always have,” said Powers.

Peyton advised Powers to not come out throwing deep right away and to get some completions in early. Powers responded with:

“Nope, going deep. Get the arm on tape, you gotta get the arm on tape.”

Peyton was not a fan of this approach, insisting that Powers needs to show the team he can “move the chains with completions.”

Powers responded with “Chad does it his way. Chad likes to throw it deep.” The call ends with Peyton telling Powers to “go get em”.

Stay tuned to see if Powers can prove he deserves a spot on the Nittany Lions roster for the 2023 season.