When you’ve been playing football for as long as Christian Hackenberg has, completely changing your throwing motion probably isn’t a good idea.

However, that’s exactly what the former Penn State quarterback is doing in an attempt to work his way up the New York Jets’ depth chart.

The only problem? Jets coach Todd Bowles was completely unaware that Hackenberg was planning such a drastic change (via NYDailyNews.com):

“He hasn’t talked to me about it. He just worked on it,” Bowles said. “I’ve learned about it after that fact.”

Normally, that’s a decision that the team has a big factor in, but Hackenberg took matters into his own hands. Bowles said it’s too early to tell if the changes are working:

“But he hasn’t been on the field enough for me to notice completely,” Bowles said of the throwing-motion adjustments. “As the weeks go on, you’ll be able to tell. Right now, it’s still early.”

The Jets drafted Sam Darnold with the No. 3 overall pick in this year’s draft, so now Hackenberg has even more competition if he wants to remain in New York.