With the first Saturday of Big Ten football in 2020 in the books, the epic finish in the Penn State-Indiana game remains one of the biggest talkers.

While the final play is garnering plenty of discussion, so too is the way the Nittany Lions and coach James Franklin handled the final minutes of regulation. Franklin’s decision making is causing a lot of second guessing on the internet.

The biggest complain comes in the form of fans ripping the Penn State coach for not simply kneeling the ball and ending the game with the Nittany Lions ahead 21-20 late in the fourth quarter. Instead, Penn State scored a touchdown. That opened the door for the Hoosiers to get the ball back and tie the game on a dramatic, last-minute touchdown drive.

In the aftermath of the loss, it’s been easy for fans to play armchair head coach. Franklin’s decision-making was scrutinized in real time, however. And it still is less than 24 hours after the stunning upset.

It seems unlikely that Franklin will receive any direct punishment from his bosses in Happy Valley. But the Penn State coach’s decision making will certainly be magnified next Saturday as Ohio State comes to town.