Joe Moorhead was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Penn State in 2016-17 before moving on to become the head coach at Mississippi State.

During his time with the Nittany Lions, the team’s offense improved drastically, hence his move up to a head coaching position. With some time spent in Big Ten country — Moorhead knows how the conference and Penn State in particular works.

On Wednesday, as a part of SEC Media Days, Moorhead was asked about how Penn State’s home experience stacks up with that of what he’s seen in the SEC:

Q. Joe, I was — I know football players win on the football field. But I was curious as to how you feel your home field stacks up as opposed to where you were at Penn State when you come to Mississippi State.

JOE MOORHEAD: You said the atmosphere, how do they compare?

Q. Yes, uh-huh. The home field.

JOE MOORHEAD: I think having the opportunity to travel to a bunch of the places in the SEC and play football games there, I think Penn State probably provides a little bit of a unique set of circumstances where — it feels like it’s the most SEC environment that I’ve been at that’s not in the SEC. You know, you have 110,000 fans.

If you’re a bucket list person, the Whiteout Game there at night is unlike most things that I’ve been. You come to Davis Wade with the cowbells and it’s deafening and it’s a unique environment. Playing a night game at LSU was incredibly challenging, Alabama and so on down the line. I think Penn State provides that type of atmosphere and experience and fits right into anything we’ve done in the SEC.

In short, Moorhead respects what the SEC is about. And certainly, it is all about football down there. But, Penn State’s 110,000-strong experience surely isn’t lacking.