In March 2015, former Penn State football star Devon Still made a thrilling and emotional announcement. His daughter Leah was cancer-free.

Now, five years later, Still and his daughter have the chance to celebrate an incredible milestone. Five years after she beat the disease, Leah is still cancer-free. The former Nittany Lion made the announcement on Twitter earlier this week. And as a celebration, he prepared an awesome meal for Leah.

In 2014, Still revealed to the world the heartbreaking news that his daughter was battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer in 2014. He decided to put his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals on hold during that time, frequently posting videos and photos, as he was by Leah’s side.

Still revealed in March 2015 that Leah was cancer-free, but stem cell implant caused a setback at the time. A few weeks later, Leah started the recovery process and her health began improving.

It’s awesome news from Still, and we all congratulate Leah on this amazing achievement.