Don’t question James Franklin’s motivational tweets. Or do, and expect to get blocked.

ESPN Big Ten beat reporter Josh Moyer learned that the odd way on Thursday.

Moyer, who lives in State College and is a regular at Penn State practices and games, copied one of Franklin’s tweets and attached a question to it. Moyer questioned why Franklin would tweet out the words “NO TALENT REQUIRED” above a bunch of other positive attributes.

Here was Moyer’s initial tweet:

Franklin apparently didn’t like that very much. He blocked Moyer for it and even deleted the initial tweet.

In Franklin’s defense, Moyer might not have realized that there was a colon after “NO TALENT REQUIRED,” meaning all of those positive attributes like “attitude,” “work ethic” and “coachable” don’t require talent.

Either way, it’s still a questionable move for a Power Five coach to make, especially one as socially conscious as Franklin. It’s certainly been an odd offseason for Franklin, and this only added to that.