Say what you want about Penn State’s offensive line play.

The group’s performance has been a major topic of conversation in James Franklin’s tenure. Whether it’s a postgame or a mid-week presser, the subject of the Lions’ O-line always seems to surface. Often times, Franklin has been criticized of making excuses for them.

The same was true again on Tuesday. But this time,¬†Franklin wasn’t defending their play. He defended the fact that they shouldn’t have had to deal with one of Pitt’s tactics.

The Pitt defense was seen clapping during the pre-snap cadence. That’s illegal.

Franklin wasn’t pleased that nothing was done about it:

Penn State had two false start penalties in the first half, including one on the opening drive. Even if it didn’t result in a false start, the tactic could’ve also thrown off the timing of the offensive line.

That, obviously, is why Franklin is still upset.¬†It’s unclear how many times the Pitt defense clapped during the cadence, but it was enough for Franklin to still be fired up about it three days later.

There are a lot of things that Franklin wished he could have back from the Pitt loss, many of which were in his control.

But as Franklin said, missing a call like that multiple times can’t be rectified.