There’s a bit of a misconception about being a coach.

Many assume that after a team pulls off a monumental win, a coach gets to sit back and enjoy the moment. The locker room celebrations and the national praise, however, are only part of the postgame duties.

Often times, pulling off a huge win is just the beginning of the work in college football.

That was true for James Franklin after he earned his biggest victory as a head coach on Saturday night. After the Penn State coach celebrated with his team, he had a myriad of issues to attend do.

Franklin said he had 180 recruits on hand for Saturday’s game. That in itself is¬†obviously a massive number. After Franklin’s offseason accusation/non-accusation of Ohio State’s negative recruiting, you can bet he had a ton of recruits to address personally.

On top of that, Franklin’s phone wouldn’t stop blowing up. He didn’t have the time to put the personal touch on that:

And just in case that wasn’t enough, when Franklin finally got home, he had another problem on his plate.¬†His basement was flooded from all the rain in Centre County.

Combine all of that with his increased media responsibilities, and it’s no wonder Franklin called it a “crazy week.”

But hey, that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.