Saquon Barkley is doing well so far in 2022. His career has been hurt by injuries since he decided to go pro, however.

Eric Dickerson spoke to Trey Wingo about Barkley in a video posted by “The 33rd Team” on Twitter. He compared Barkley to Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders. Sanders played for Detroit from 1989-1998 and rushed for over 15,000 yards in his career.

Barkley has 463 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns through four games. Barkley still has a long way to go to match what Sanders did as a Lion.

“The thing about Saquon is he almost reminds you a little bit of Barry Sanders,” said Dickerson. “Low to the ground, can make those real decisive cuts and cut upfield. He’s exciting to watch, so I’m hoping this year that he’ll have one of those years. I know for a back, you want to have over a thousand yards, and I’m sure he’s hoping that he can have that season.”

Dickerson thinks that Barkley can rush for 1,000+ yards this season. If he stays healthy, that’s definitely doable. The last time that Barkley had 1,000+ yards rushing in a season with in 2019.