Greg McElroy had some choice words for Penn State’s lackluster nonconference showdown vs. UMass in Week 7. However, he didn’t limit his unhappiness to the Nittany Lions alone.

During the latest “Always College Football,” McElroy shredded the idea of lopsided nonconference games this late in the season, specifically pointing to Penn State-UMass in his comments.

“I hate also terrible nonconference games at this point in the season. There are two nonconference games this weekend. One is Notre Dame-USC, the other is Penn State-UMass,” said McElroy.


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He went on to say he’s not only addressing Penn State in his comments. McElroy also isn’t happy that LSU plays Army in Week 8 or about the SEC’s traditional “cupcake week” in November.

“And to those of you who say I’m singling out Penn State, I’m not because when we fast forward to the middle of November and the SEC has a bunch of FCS teams coming to play at their place, I’m going to lose my mind,” McElroy stated. “I might even lose my mind next week when LSU plays Army. I’m not excited about that game.

“At this point, it needs to be conference only (scheduling), so I hope everyone adopts the 9-game conference model. I hope we have more conference games because this part of the season does not need to be a part of the season that’s featuring matchups where teams are featured by 40. It doesn’t do anybody good. Certainly doesn’t do the viewer and the consumer any good.”