Greg McElroy has been tackling spring previews for key programs across the country. During his latest Always College Football Podcast, McElroy turned his attention to Happy Valley and Penn State.

In his opening comments, McElroy admitted he’s very optimistic about the Nittany Lions heading into 2023. He particularly likes the backfield tandem of Kaytron Allen and Nick Singleton but also wonders what the offense will look like with former 5-star quarterback Drew Allar stepping into the starting role.

With an arm talent like Allar and the running back duo of Allen and Singleton, McElroy expects to see an emphasis on play-action attacks for Penn State:

“The QB position: Drew Allar taking over the departed Sean Clifford. (Allar’s) skillset is a little bit different from that of Clifford. Drew Allar, not quite as mobile. Big, lumbering frame with a massive arm,” said McElroy. “He can push the ball down the field and I think having a tandem of running backs with that kind of ability, I can just make the assumption right now this is going to be a hardcore rushing attack with a heavy play-action emphasis… That’s my assumption, now I don’t know that for sure but that’s the assumption I have right now.”

As for Allar, McElroy also believes he can be the guy to elevate the Nittany Lions under James Franklin. The question will be how long it takes Allar to become the player he was always expected to be:

“I want to see Drew Allar,” McElroy explained. “We’ve heard for years how good this guy is… He was one of the biggest QB recruits that James franklin has brought in since he’s been at Penn State. How quickly can (Allar) become the guy he was always meant to become? He’s got to be the guy to elevate the program.”

You can watch McElroy’s full segment below, Penn State conversation begins around 28:30: