In six weeks, Penn State went from looking like a bottom-feeder B1G team to one of the nation’s best.

The Lions are arguably the biggest surprise in college football this season, and much of that credit belongs to Joe Moorhead. The first-year Penn State offensive coordinator put in his up-tempo style and it paid dividends for the Lions.

Since knocking off Ohio State, the Lions scored 103 points in their last two games. A total of over 1,100 yards in two blowout victories — albeit against Purdue and Iowa — and an emerging Heisman Trophy candidate in Saquon Barkley has some wondering.

Do the Lions have the B1G’s best offense right now?

Big Ten Network’s Robert Griffith was asked that question in a segment of “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down.” He gave the Lions the thumbs up (0:58 mark):

“I would say ‘thumbs up’ with a little caveat,” Griffith said. “They are very explosive. They have playmakers at the wide receiver position, (Saquon) Barkley is unbelievable and they’re just making those big-time plays. You talk about explosive plays of 20 yards or more, they’re in the top two or three in the conference and one of the tops in the country.

“From that category, yes, I would give them the thumbs up. They’re very explosive.”

Penn State is third in the B1G points per game (34.4) behind the likes of Michigan (47.8) and Ohio State (44.8). The Wolverines did just score 59 points against Maryland and Ohio State lit up Nebraska for 62 points.

In the last five games — the start of PSU’s winning streak — the Wolverines scored 44.8 points while the Lions scored 38.8 points and the Buckeyes put up 35.

The Lions still have a chance to end the season as the B1G’s most prolific offense with three favorable matchups.

And if the past five games were any indication, they’ll have no problem lighting up the scoreboard.