All the talk surrounding Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg and his NFL prospects might’ve been put to an early rest on Thursday. Or so he hopes.

The Nittany Lion signal-caller addressed reporters with a statement in which he requested the media not address his future beyond 2015.

For a player to deliver a statement to make that request suggests that Hackenberg simply has no desire to discuss his NFL draft stock or whether or not he’ll return to Happy Valley for his senior year.

The move makes sense. He just had a lengthy ESPN the Magazine feature, written by Kevin Van Valkenberg, in which both sides of the coin were discussed. People are debating over whether or not last year’s 12-touchdown, 15-interception season showed deeper flaws that would prevent him from being the top quarterback selected in the 2016 NFL draft.

Some are saying he’s still the No. 1 pick in the draft. Some have already said he’s not draftable.

Politically correct it was for Hackenberg to address his desire to block out the noise. He obviously has more immediate areas of concern, like handling pressure in the pocket. Much has been made about the improvement of the Penn State offensive line, but even if Hackenberg does get time to throw, he still has the responsibility of leading one of the most high profile teams in college football.

The 20-year-old quarterback shouldn’t get any resistance about his decision to just focus on the 2015 season. He’s smart enough to know by now that if he focuses on bouncing back in his junior season, the NFL stuff will take care of itself.