Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons has been talked about as a player who could potentially be used on kickoff or punt returns this season. That may sound unusual for someone playing linebacker, but it speaks to the athleticism and toughness Parsons brings to the field.

Since the beginning of the seasons, Parsons has been hoping for his chance to field a kickoff or get a handoff during a game. While chatting with the media recently, the linebacker continues to make his case to get his shot.

“I think I’m getting pretty close,” Parsons said, according to Audrey Snyder of The Athletic. “One day if something happens I’ll get in the game and get my kick return. Live the dream.

“I just want one. If I can just get one carry or kick return I promise I won’t ask again.”

Parsons is already off to a big start on the Penn State defense, picking up where he left off a year ago. He currently leads the team with 27 tackles and ranks second with six tackles for loss. Parsons also has one sack this year.

Last year, Parsons was the team’s leading tackler with 83 stops.

Will Parsons get his shot to return kicks? It sounds like he’ll continue to beg coaches until they give him that shot. It should be fun to see what he can do when he eventually gets the chance to field that kickoff.