You could say Micah Parsons spoke his dream into existence.

After an outstanding career at Penn State, the linebacker was hopeful that he’d get a call in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. And he was also hoping that one organization would be on the other line when he answered the phone.

That’s how it played out.

On Thursday night, Parsons received the phone call from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who told the linebacker he was being selected with the No. 12 overall pick. The reaction from Parsons after his dream came true was priceless.

Below is the video of an awesome behind-the-scenes look at when Parsons received the phone call on Thursday night. The NFL provided the clip:

Parsons was one of the top defensive prospects in this year’s NFL Draft class. He ended his career with 191 tackles at Penn State, 18 being for loss and forcing 6 fumbles in two years.

Now, Parsons will begin his journey in the NFL with the franchise he always dreamed of playing for. And he hopes to make an early impact in Dallas.