James Franklin was quick to apologize after a spat with a Penn State fan that occurred while the head coach was leaving the field after the Nittany Lions’ 27-26 loss to Ohio State.

Following the game, Franklin and the Lions were headed off the field after the disappointing loss. And after a questionable play-call that cost Penn State the game, one fan had to chime in.

“4th-and-5, you should have passed it, Coach. That’s a bad call,” the fan said.

Franklin then snapped back by saying “I appreciate your input.” He then appeared to be headed towards the fan but was escorted off the field.

After the exchange, Franklin issued an apology for his action.

“At the end of the game, I had a heat-of-the-moment exchange with one of the fans in our student section,” Franklin told The Athletic. “I was frustrated with the end of the game and should not have reacted that way. We have the greatest fans in the country and I have the utmost respect for their passion for this program.”

The exchange was captured on video.

Franklin was catching plenty of heat for Penn State’s final play-call. He just really didn’t want to hear it from one of his own fans.