James Franklin made his annual appearance at B1G Media Days Wednesday in Indianapolis, meaning it was time for another trip to the famous St. Elmo Steak House.

Franklin and a group from Penn State made the trip to St. Elmo’s Wednesday evening. Craig Huse, the owner of the establishment, is also a noted Penn State alumnus.

During his time at the podium, Franklin was asked about the night at the restaurant and the world-famous shrimp cocktail sauce. Franklin admitted he tried to coach the players on how to go about the spicy endeavor, but Adisa Isaac still went one-and-done on the shrimp.

“First of all, it was a great opportunity to go out and spend some time with our players. The owner is a Penn State grad, so we were able to have a really good time last night in fellowship,” Franklin said. “As much as I tried to coach them up on that process, my man Adisa Isaac was being well mannered and eating shrimp with his mouth closed. That root really kind of opened his nostrils up, and that was the end of it. Had one shrimp, and he was done after that.

“But we had a great night. We had a great night, but Adisa knows very well about that cocktail sauce and that horseradish now.”

Isaac might have had some issues with the cocktail sauce, but he had no issue terrorizing quarterbacks a season ago. He will try to follow up on last season’s performance with another strong year for Penn State’s defense.