Penn State will have one of the toughest tasks in the country this weekend as fans make their return to college football.

The Nittany Lions are going on the road to Madison, Wisconsin, and will presumably be faced with one of the loudest Badgers’ crowds in recent memory — and one of the nation’s best football teams, too.

Wisconsin hasn’t hosted a game with fans since Nov. 23, 2019 when the Badgers defeated Purdue.

Penn State coach James Franklin understands that Wisconsin’s crowd will likely play a role on Saturday.

“I’m a big believer in the crowd noise, so we do music on one side and do the crowd noise on the opposite to try to prepare for that and try to make it louder than it will be on game day,” Franklin told reporters on Wednesday, via Penn State’s Rivals affiliate. “We expect it to be a really good environment. Everybody’s been waiting for college football for a long time.

“We always have the play clock going as well to try to get used to that, 25-second clocks when appropriate, 40-second clocks when appropriate, to try to make it more challenging in practice than it would be in a game, and noise is a big component of that.”

Penn State has won the last four meetings in this series. The Nittany Lions hold a 10-9 all-time series advantage.

Kick off is at 12 p.m. ET on Saturday.