Saquon Barkley became a superstar running back at Penn State, and his time with the Nittany Lions led him to be drafted No. 2 overall by the New York Giants in 2018.

Whether or not Barkley has lived up to his status as the No. 2 overall pick is a different article for a different time, but we know he’s been successful financially nonetheless — and that’s without a doubt.

Barkley has earned over $38.6 million in five seasons with the Giants, which is nothing to shake a stick at.

For most of us, that would be enough for life plus more. For some of us, it would be hard not to freak out and spend like a wild person, though.

Consider Barkley as part of the first group, at least according to his former coach at Penn State, James Franklin. With NIL providing an opportunity for college football players to make money in the here and now, Franklin was apparently discussing finances and how his players can best manage their money even well past their time at PSU.

Of course, 99 percent of his players won’t make the kind of money that Barkley has at the next level, but apparently, Barkley’s contracts with the Giants haven’t even factored into his daily life at this point.

Notably, Barkley announced in 2021 that he was going to be asking for all future endorsement money to come as bitcoin, so he may not exactly be the next Dave Ramsey.

With that said, it is impressive to see that the former Penn State star does at least have a plan with his money, and it sounds like he’s living well below his true means — which is always a key to wealth building.